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Kimono silk Shibori haori Vintage Kimono silk Shibori haori vintage

Beautyfull Crep d´chine, Shibori silk, The colour is fantastic and rare. Time.1920-1940.

Excellent condition.             SALE 50 %

Name: Sparkling Shibori. Price 1800.- Dkr. Now 900.- Dkr Netbank or Mobilpay = Free shipping in Denmark.

Japanese Vintage silk Haori kimono Japanese Vintage silk haori kimono

Kimono, haori in heavy silk with modernist abstrac pattern. Vintage from 1940-1960. Excellent condition. 

SALE 50 %

Name: Vibrant Lines. price 1800.- Dkr. Now 900.- Dkr. Netbank or Mobilpay = free shipping in Denmark