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On the following 6 pages you will find antique and vintage kimonos and haoris. Each is a one-of-a-kind item with an uniq character, pattern and colours, you would expect only from pieces of a bygone era.


Vintage Haori kimono silk japanese silk haori vintage

Name: Spinningtop. Orange silk. Price. 2500.- Dkr.   SOLD

Kimono Japanese Haori silk Antique Kimono Japanese silk Haori Antique

Wonderful Kimono, haori. Reversible in black silk brocade and lime coloured silk on top and sleeves.

Antique 1920 -1935. Excellent condition.  SALE 50 % SOLD

Name: Flowers on Lime. Price 2500.- Dkr.  Now 1250.- Dkr. Netbank or Mobilpay = shipping free in Denmark.