Shibori Silk and Meisen Silk


Shibori silk is done by a technique through which fabric is tied and dyed in 3-dimensional patterns.

Shibori  tie and dye technique is a long and rich cultured tradition within Japan and has been used for hundreds of years.

Is is done by hand and takes skilled craft workers to do.

After the silk has been tied with threads, it is dyed in coulour, then the threads are loosend and new threads are tied and the silk is dyed in colour again, and so on, until the pattern is compleated.

Shibori Tie and dye technique



Meisen Silk Kimonos were made between 1910 to 1955 in Japan. The technique is Ikat.  A print and weave teknique where the vertical threads, before it is woven, are being sophisticated stencil printed, using one stencil per colour. The characteristic of Meisen Silk is the blurred edges of the pattern.